Battle of the Bands

Students having fun in the crowd

Spring Jam Final Battle

The 2022 Battle of the Bands Champion is Room3. FOLLOW

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2022 Finalists

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Party Foul

Party Foul is an indie-alternative rock band based at the University of Minnesota. Formed in September of 2021, Party Foul has been working on a range of original genre-non conforming music to be released in late spring.



Freefol is a group of 3rd-year students at the University of Minnesota formed back in 2019. They play a combination of covers and original songs, with styles ranging from rock, to alternative, to pop.



Kids Ski Free

Kids Ski Free first materialized in early 2018, and has since swept the world by storm. Born in the fiery crucible of northeast Minneapolis, the band’s signature style of unsettled indie rock has irrevocably changed the very face of modern music. They inspire hope and ecstasy in the listener and foster jealousy and rancor in rival groups. Are they the greatest band of all time? Yes.



Room 3

Born from jazz, Room3 is a rhythm section trio focusing on bending the limits of the genre to amplify the voices within the twin cities music scene.